Sharon Osbourne Trashes The View

Sometimes I like the Osbourne family and then one of them pulls a stunt like this and… you know.

When Lady Gaga tried to squash her feud with Kelly Osbourne by giving a peace offering in the form of a birthday cake via Sharon, Kelly tweeted a few harsh words accusing Gaga of being disingenuous. I thought it was completely rude and ungracious for Kelly not to accept Gaga’s apology.

They say “sorry” is the hardest word to say, so when anyone offers an apology, I try to accept it and move on. Sharon felt the same way and recently commented on her daughter’s former feud by saying, “You know what, life is way too short.” Based on her behavior on The Arsenio Hall Show, it looks life’s not too short to start a feud.

During an interview with her The Talk co-hosts, Sharon had a few not so choice words regarding the ladies of The View. It all began when Hall asked the ladies what the difference between the two shows were. Julie Chen responded politely by stating their show doesn’t cover politics. Osbourne gulped down her red solo cup and interrupted, “Cut to the chase. Stop being polite. Cut to the f***ing chase.” She continued, “This is the situation. Barbara, idolize her, divine, she is superhuman, I love, but the rest can go f*** themselves.”

I agree that The Talk is better than The View currently but have some class girl. If it wasn’t for The View, I’m sure you guys wouldn’t be around. In addition, I think Sharon is the weakest link on the panel. She can go in my opinion. Watch her rant below.

Sharon Osbourne Tells The View To Eff Off

What do you think of this whole mess? Which show do you prefer? Are you a fan of the Osbournes? If so, why or why not. Sound off below.

  • JT

    Whoopi Goldberg is a legend.

  • JC

    She is completely classless and on the odd ocassion I’ve seen the Talk she adds nothing to it. Sooner Sharon and Kelly disappear the better, they are both just vile bullies who like to play the victim when someone turns it around on them.

  • AA

    I love the View for the shear fact that they talk about politics. These shows are primarily geared towards women, and The View implies that women want to know this stuff and be involved. The Talk serves up fluff and gives the impression that women aren’t smart or care about real issues.

  • Lukas James

    Well, on the bright side, not too many people watch Arsenio Hall….so this was not seen by too many people. But then there is the internet…..uhh ohhh! LOL The TALK is a way better format than the the VIEW, in my opinion. I like how they discuss things rather than push their agendas. As for Sharon, she is rather crass and entitled. So it is what it is. If I had been her I would have said the rotating cast is fabulous and FUCK Barbara, that old dinosaur and her puppet hands!

  • prettyliesuglytruth

    People need to take that stick out of their bum (I’m trying to stay classy lol). Sharon is just being Sharon, blunt, British, and dry. This is after all her opinion on the matter. I appreciate the humor in it.

  • DB

    I think she was just joking, and I am sure no one at The View is taking her comment seriously.

  • Patrick Sean

    There was ZERO humor in it. Being British doesn’t excuse you for being a cuntpunt. It doesn’t excuse you from being white trash and it doesn’t excuse your bitterness toward a show that actually has substance and not just a bon bon eating gossip session.

  • gay person

    Sharon was being comedic and she already apologized for it being a bad joke, and saying she respects the ladies of The View. Please its a bunch of ladies taking a jab at another–it’s life. Get over it. Don’t expect celebrities to act any different than you would when your having a kiki.

  • Ryan

    Whether Sharon was joking or not, she was crassly speaking from a place of truth. There is plenty of footage showing The Voice panel arguing over one another as Barbara sits there shaking her head. Nevertheless, I think Sharon was being facetious. The tone she used to rip Elizabeth apart back in the day seemed a lot more genuine.