First Marisa Jaret Winokur was silenced by CBS and now another original panelist from “The Talk” is walking away. This time, however, it’s due to her own accord. Sharon Osbourne won’t be appearing on the daytime chatfest when the show begins its second season on CBS this Fall. The red-haired Brit told AOL that it’ll only be temporary so she can spend time with her rock star husband, Ozzy Osbourne. How sweet.

“I’ve kept it no secret that I really miss my husband,” she tells AOL. “He’ll have been on tour for 18 months by the time it’s over. I’ve spent a lot of time away from him. He gets a break at the end of September and so I’ve asked [‘The Talk’] for a little break so I can be with him.”

Osbourne thinks “The Talk” is a great show and would to go back but just needs to spend quality time with him. I can see why she’s burnt out. In addition to still filming “The Talk” during the summer months, she’s also a judge on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent“. Definitely burning the candle at both ends.

I’ve only watched “The Talk” a few times with the last time just last week. While I like Sharon, I thought she wasn’t a good fit for the show. IMHO, she wasn’t suited for a talk show. I didn’t think her thoughts and opinions were well formulated or thought out. The last episode I caught, she looked like she was just half-assing it and had already checked out. After finding out about her sabbatical, I can see why now.

Hopefully, Leah Remini is out the door next. The reason why I stopped watching the show was due to her excessive shouting. I liked her on “Saved By The Bell” but found her uttering annoying on “The Talk”, but I guess every show needs a polarizing figure like Elisabeth Hasselbeck to make things interesting.