Sharon Needles Debuts ‘PG-13’ Album & ‘Haunted House’ Video Ft. RuPaul

With RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 5 having premiered last night, it’s obviously the perfect time for a past Drag Race winner to release a new album and music video. Three other queens also leveraged the Drag buzz this week when Willam, Detox and Vicky Vox released their “Boy Is A Bottom” music video parody yesterday.

Her new PG-13 album is described as “an eerie, somewhat chilling mix of fright-inducing punk and emotional catharsis, these eclectic songs range from an anticipated pop-punch to dance-beat.” The first track on the album is “This House Is A Haunted House,” which features RuPaul herself in the opening narrative – paying tribute to her own song, “Cover Girl” with some of the things she says.

In addition to the album and video, Needles has also just released a documentary and limited edition book. The documentary is called Sharon Needles: Parental Guidance Suggested and it is an in-depth look into the making of aforementioned music video. The book is called, This Book Is A Haunted House and it is filled with “gorgeous and gruesome” stills from the video. It also features backstage photos, portraits, handwritten notes, messages, and scribbles by Needles herself.

Sharon Needles – This Club Is A Haunted House (feat RuPaul)

Sharon Needles ‘PG-13’ Album

  • 1. This Club Is A Haunted House (feat RuPaul)
  • 2. Call Me On The Ouija Board
  • 3. Dead Girls Never Say No
  • 4. Drink Till I Die
  • 5. I Wish I Were Amanda Lepore (feat Amanda Lepore)
  • 6. Why Do You Think You Are Nuts?
  • 7. Disco Ball
  • 8. Dressed To Kill
  • 9. Let’s All Die
  • 10. Kai Kai (feat Ana Matronic and Alaska)
  • 11. Everyday Is Halloween
  • 12. Hail Satan! (feat Jayne County)
  • JMC

    Can someone ask the girl in the devil horns outside the club to give Rebel Wilson her face back.