Have You Been Sucked Into The Sharknado Storm?

Just in case you missed the memo, Sharknado fever is sweeping the nation. Syfy’s little-movie-that-could premiered on July 11 with relatively low ratings but with huge social media buzz. The TV premiere generated 318,232 tweets during broadcast and 5,000 tweets per minute at its peak. As a result, Sharknado has become an inexplicable hit and somewhat resuscitated Ian Ziering and Tara Reid’s acting careers. Who knew that was even possible with the latter?

The first airing attracted 1.4 million viewers with a repeat airing on July 18 building on that to 1.9 million. It’s third showing which aired Saturday increased even more to 2.1 million. Insanity.

Sharknado has become such a hit, a sequel is in the works. Also, the original is getting a theatrical release on Friday, August 2 with one single showtime of 12:05 am at over 200 select theaters. It will include never-before-seen Sharknado footage such as a behind-the-scenes featurette and a gag reel. That should be a riot. If you haven’t been exposed to the wonder that is sharks falling from the skies, check out the trailer below.

Sharknado Trailer

Have you watched Sharknado? Are you excited for the sequel? What’s your favorite part of the Syfy movie? Sound off below.

  • DouggSeven

    Howard Stern has been raving about this movie on his show as of late. Not sure if he’s actually seen it or is just caught up in the social media frenzy it’s begotten.

    With ‘Shark Week!’ entering into the English lexicon – people just love anything shark related in the summer. Well, except meeting one in an ocean, I’d assume.

    The popularity will die very soon though. Piranha 3D was cute when it came out – but Piranha 3 Double D was a terrible mess.