So I just got a new phone and have yet to put my own music onto it and have been Songza’ing the shit out of life right now, finding a few gem playlists I can’t live without. In the search for everything on the songzasphere I discovered “90’s R&B Wake-Up Call“, and it’s made my everything, everything. After beating it into the ground, I present to you, 3 delicious goodies that I forgot I loved.

1. TLC – Red Light Special

I absolutely 100% remember when this came out. TLC were on top of their GAME with CrazySexyCool, which is arguably one of the greatest albums the 90’s saw. A little poker, a little skin, and a whole lot of down low sexy time groove.

2. Lauryn Hill – Every Ghetto Every City

Just seeing the cover of this album brings a smile to my face. Again, one of the greatest albums of the decade, this little gem was never a single, but makes me wanna’ cut a rug and clap my hands. Sun’s out, summer’s comin’, get a little Lauryn in ya’.

3. Shanice – I Love Your Smile

This song hails a little earlier in the 90’s than the last two, but reminds me of my sister playing her Bobby Brown, Bel Biv Devoe, Cece Peniston tapes in our basement. This song was definitely in the mix and still deserves a little recognition for being great. Thank you Shanice!

Which of the three tracks do you remember and love? Which old school R&B jams are your favorite? Comment below.