Shakira Seduces Pretty Boy Maluma In ‘Chantaje’ Music Video

shakira-malumaJust because Shakira is married to sexy Spanish footballer Gerard Piqué, that doesn’t mean she’s dead. Girlfriend can look, right? Pretty Boy reggaeton artist Maluma is one hot piece of ass. I don’t blame her for getting her flirt on and maybe even copping a feel 😉

The Colombian singers debut the music video for their sizzling duet “Chantaje.” Shot in Barcelona, the clip finds Shakira capturing the 22-year-old’s attention as she does a little shopping. In no time, she reels him and the two begin canoodling.

Check out the Jaume De La Iguana-directed clip below which features Shakira’s signature hip shaking. Even if you don’t understand a lick of Spanish, the track is worth a listen. It has massive crossover potential. An English version is expected to drop soon.

Shakira ft. Maluma ‘Chantaje’ Music Video