With December 21, 2012 (today) having been believed by many to be the end of the world, at the very least it made some people ask themselves if they’d do anything differently knowing the end was near.

Students form SFU in Vancouver posed the following questions: “If you knew the end was coming… If you only had a few days left to live… Who would you be with? Would you be doing something different? Would you be doing things differently?”

The students have just released this must-see amazingly elaborateEnd Of The Worldlip-dub set to two great songs: “Ready To Go” by Panic! At The Disco and
“Jumpstart” by These Kids Wear Crowns. Coincidently, my fiance Tyrell was in their music video for that song last year. Anyway, check out the amazing video below!

SFU LipDub: End of the World