Turkish Studs Strut Their Stuff For ‘Best Model Turkey’

Here’s a little something to make your Monday a little less painful. Starting off the week with some eye candy is a smart move if you ask me.

After watching Lady Gaga’s epic Super Bowl LI Halftime Show, I found myself on YouTube watching numerous clips of Mother Monster. During one of them, I stumbled upon this visually-pleasing clip of a modeling competition that took place in Turkey late 2016. The clip features “Perfect Illusion” playing in the background which somewhat explains how it ended up as a recommended video during my Gaga binge session.

Watch below a bunch of stunningly gorgeous men sashaying their tight asses to Gaga’s hit song. It truly is fascinating and entertaining to watch. It’s puzzling how some people in the audience looked bored beyond belief. I would’ve been on my feet, hootin’ and a hollerin’ had I been there. Enjoy.

Best Model TURKEY Contest 2016 – Turkish Men