Shirtless Tradesmen Show Off Their Skills In Sexy 2013 Calendar

When people hear plumber’s crack, typically an image of an overweight older man with saggy underwear pops in your brain. This calendar is the furthest thing from that. You’ll have a whole new visual when you hear that term again. Admit it, when you call a plumber, electrician or landscaper, you secretly hope it’s some hot stud with bulging muscles. I know I do 😉

While the chances of any of these guys featured in the Hunky Handyman 2013 calender showing up on your doorstep is practically none, it’s still nice to hope and wish. I’d like a front row seat to watch any of these hotties show exactly how skilled they are at their respective trades. I’m sure their ‘toolboxes‘ are full of surprises and I’m not referring to their hammer or nails. Speaking of hammer *wink*… Check out the photos below and vote for your favorite month.

2013 Calendar: Who Are The Hottest Handyman?

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  • i need a repair on my system can they do that…? LOL

  • Van-Citay

    why the fuck is september painting a brick wall. lol far from the point of the article