German University Pimps Out Their Student Body For 2013 Calendar

According to Google translate, “Geist ist Geil” loosely means “spirit is horny“. While that may not be technically the correct translation, you’ll definitely find your spirit among other things horned up after checking out the following images. If campus libraries were this sexy, I don’t think I would’ve ever graduated university. I definitely might’ve considered becoming a career student. All for the name of higher education, right?

Once again the Dresden University picked the hottest and studliest from their student body for their annual calendar. They also have one featuring women, but clearly our target audience loves the male physique. Trust me when I say, the other months are as steamy as the cover model, Marco. Damn, that boy is fine. I’m sure his schnitzel and bratwurst taste delicious 😉

Check out what the school has to offer in German studies, architecture, engineering, veterinary medicine and other faculties below. December’s cover boy even shows off his buns in the kitchen.

Clearly, I’ve censored December’s booty. To get a clear view of that butt and to check out more images from the 2013 calendar or previous years, click here.

  • Easy and hard on the eyes….*Drool*

  • Marc

    “Geist” means “spirit”, but in this context you can translate it as another meaning for “intelligence”.

  • Joshua

    And “geil” is really more like “cool” or “hot” than it is “horny.”