2010 Sexy Gay Halloween Costumes (Made Easy…and Sleezy)

Halloween is coming and it’s time to figure out what you’re going to get dressed up as… or undressed up as in some instances. As Cady Herron (Lindsay Lohan) says in Mean Girls, Halloween is the one time a year when a girl can dress like a total slut and no one can say anything about it.” That applies in the gay world as well, although the gays find so many other events to undress for like White Party or…Thursday night.

For those single people out there, you’ve got the the naughty devil or sexy bunny…for the guys, it’s the fireman or superhero. Wearing as little as possible to get as much [action] as possible. CandyMan adult costumes has taken this to another level for you guys looking to score your tricks and treats this Halloween. Check them out and get ’em quick cause Hallow’s Eve is fast approaching!

Candyman Desire Pirate Outfit

This pirate costume will help you find the treasure…at the end of the treasure trail.

Candyman Fair Play Referee

This costume will allow you to show all of your team players how well you can blow a whistle.

Candyman Fire Me Up Outfit

You’re just one layer away from showing off your hose to all those flames.

Candyman Midnight Devil Outfit

Get horny in this costume that brings out the devil…in your pants.

Candyman Play With Me Football Costume

Maybe you wanna touch down on Halloween night. Well, this costume is without all of the gear & helmet, leaving you with only your “equipment” and other helmet. Too far?

CandyMan Seductive Navy Captain Outfit

A little costume for a Sailor with a big deck…to take care of.

Candyman Sultry Commander Outfit

With this Police outfit, you’ll take comMANd of any situation that “arise”.

Candyman Super Hero Outfit

Dressed as a superhero, you better be ready to perform. Expectations will be high!

You can find all of the above costumes at Universal Gear. Click here to order.

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