I was one of the very lucky few who got to see a screening of the long awaited and HIGHLY anticipated Sex and the City sequel. A movie that pretty much every girl and every gay man are completely obsessed with. I am here to tell you that fans of the show will be satisfied.

As I was watching the SATC movie, I realized something. While this movie is totally considered to be a summer blockbuster (and will be for sure), this movie is unlike movies like Iron Man 2, and Prince of Persia and all the other giant movies. In this movie you have no explosions, no mega twists, no shock value. That struck me about halfway through the movie, so I write this review with that in mind.

It’s been two years since we last left Carrie. She and Big are now married, and living 12 floors down from the apartment they were supposed to live in in the first movie. While the apartment may be smaller, Carrie still got to keep her gorgeous closet. All of her clothes and shoes have somewhere to live, thank God. She and big are now, as the commercials have been saying, somewhere in between children and wild sex. Children are completely ruled out right away, but I think they were going for boring married couple, which is what Carrie is scared of. She’s missing her sparkle. She got the man of her dreams after years and years of trying, and she doesn’t want to spend time at home with him. What. A. Baby.

Everyone is invited to the marriage of Anthony and Stanford, who have fallen in love and are getting married. While Anthony hates the tacky wedding, he struck a deal. Stanford gets his wedding, and Anthony gets to cheat. Oh yes, the gay marriage debate. Get married but be in an open relationship, but only is the 45 states where they are not legally married. Liza is the minister, and while Anthony is allowed to cheat, we can tell from his vows that he absolutely will not. After the ceremony Liza does a great rendition of Single Ladies. So good in fact, that when it was done, I actually clapped. I am that gay. I didn’t even realize I was doing it until Donovan pointed it out. Yes…I am that big of a homo.

As the movie goes on, Samantha meeting the producers of Smith’s new movie who are from Abu Dhabi, and strike a deal with her. They will fly her and girls out all expenses paid for one week, if Samantha does good PR for them. In their perfect magical world everything is paid for. Kind of irritates me but it’s SATC, are you really surprised.

As the girls go to Abu Dhabi, they stay at the most lavish hotel, with servants, and everything they could ask for. The story continues but I know the juicy part everyone wants to no. Yes, Aidan is in this movie and yes he and Carrie meet. He’s visiting Abu Dhabi as part of his business. He buys rugs to go with the furniture. He is married with 3 boys and when he and Carrie go out to dinner, he keeps calling her the one that got away. Do I tell you what happens? Should I? I will not. But SOMETHING happens, and this is the most annoying part of Carrie. Carrie being the lead in the story, no matter what happens even the bad stuff, we feel sorry for her. Well not this homo. She is whiney, and irritating and wants to have her cake and eat it to. She’s selfish, self absorbed and a big baby. She takes such a major risk that could ruin her marriage.

There are other story lines as well. Samantha tricking her body with hormones to be younger, Charlotte going crazy with her two kids and Miranda quits her job and actually becomes the best character of this movie. And while they have a few amazing days in AD, Samantha breaks one of the biggest rules, and then the fun starts to happen.

SATC 2 will be popular with fans, but I ask myself the same question. Where did the edge go? The show was so edgy and ground breaking, and these movies just seem to kinda take the story along a little boring. I mean what could Carrie possibly do to almost ruin her marriage except for one thing? In my opinion, if the situation was reversed there would’ve been a major different ending.

The clothes are amazing, the sets are beautiful, and this movie is REALLY gay heavy. Lots of gay issues, gratuitous boner in Speedo shots, and lots of chest. So in that aspect is good.

But I think the story is done. I don’t know what else they could do with this story. Carrie isn’t going to have kids, and everything was kind of wrapped up in a nice little package. Miranda is no longer bitchy, Samantha is tricking herself to be young again, and Charlotte has the perfect family. What more could they say…

Was I left down with this movie…no. I liked it better than the first for sure, but I still don’t think it’s anywhere near as good as the TV show was. Go see it if you’re a fan, you’ll probably see it twice I know I will. But I was definitely not Carried away.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars