Check Out This Sex And The City Supercut

Voiceovers have definitely been around long before Sex and the City came along. With that being said, the HBO show certainly brought it to a whole new level. Thank God, the show stopped having Sarah Jessica Parker talk to the camera. Remember the first couple of seasons when Carrie Bradshaw shared her insights that way. That was painfully awful. Thankfully, voiceovers were implemented to deliver Carrie’s thoughts which brings me to this post.

More often than not, those thoughts consisted of SJP’s attempt to seamlessly segue from one scene to another. Sometimes it was brilliant while other times it was an awkward stretch. Slackstory has compiled some of the best and worst segues from the show’s six season history into one entertaining supercut. If you want to make it interesting, try taking a shot of tequila every time Carrie says “meanwhile“. You’ll be drunk before you know it. My favorite of the lot involves Charlotte scrubbing dog sh*t off the floor. Check out the clip below.

What do you think of the supercut? What was your favorite and least favorite segue? Sound off below.