Check Out This Funny Gay Commercial For “Seven Hotel Paris”

Recently, I came across this gay-themed commercial for a hotel called Seven Hotel Paris and I just had to share it with you. The commercial is in French, but also subtitled so you can understand what’s going on. Essentially, actor Antoine Bernard plays a very jealous boyfriend who freaks out on his better half when he arrives home from what I’m guessing was a business trip.

So, what is all the drama about in the advert? Directed by Ludovic Baron, the over-the-top domestic dispute in the video all come down to Bernard’s character wanting his BF to invite him along the next time he goes to Seven Hotel Paris. I guess they have all these theme rooms that he is desperately wanting to experience.

The best part of the commercial is when the camera zooms into Bernard’s package for no apparent reason (he’s only wearing underwear).

You can check out the hotel and some of the theme rooms that the guy was screaming about by clicking here. It actually looks super nice and I’d definitely consider staying there if I was heading there any time soon.

  • Absolutely ridiculous commercial.

  • Josh

    The French are crazy