Lana Wachowski Announces ‘Sense8’ Wrap-Up Movie Coming Next Year

A Season 3 renewal was always a longshot, but I was always hopeful that Netflix would greenlight a special to wrap things up. Despite the #renewsense8 movement, the streaming service shot down any hopes that Sense8 would return in any capacity. Don’t know what happened but my prayers (and wishes) have been answered. Best belated birthday gift ever!!!

Co-creator Lana Wachowski announced a wrap-up movie is coming in 2018. She shared the glorious news via Twitter. “It is my great pleasure as well as Netflix’s (believe me, they love the show as much as we do but the numbers have always been challenging) to announce that there will be another two hour special released next year,” she wrote. “After that… if this experience has taught me anything, you NEVER know.” Read the rest of the letter below.