Netflix Announces Premiere Date For ‘Sense8’ Series Finale

After Netflix callously canceled Sense8 after only two seasons, the streaming service did fans a solid by greenlighting a wrap-up movie to tie up the sensates’ stories. It’s the least Netflix could do considering the backlash it faced. Multiple petitions were launched by fans to revive the show. It’s not the renewal they hoped for, but at least the drama will get a proper sendoff.

Last we saw our favorite cluster, Wolfgang (Max Riemelt) was captured by the mysterious corporation BPO. Will his fellow sensates arrive in time to rescue him? My gut feeling, and hope, is yes. Fingers crossed they celebrate with one last orgy 😉

Thankfully, the wait to learn the outcome isn’t too long. Netflix announced the series finale will arrive on June 8. Who’s excited? Can’t wait for the trailer to drop.

  • Fred

    Never got into this show but good for Netflix for atleast wrapping it up for the fans.