Is Brian J. Smith Hinting That Sense8 Isn’t Returning For Season 3?

With a reported costly $9 million per episode to produce, renewing Sense8 for another season isn’t an easy decision. Netflix hasn’t officially announced either way on whether the cult favorite is returning or not, but based on a tweet from Brian J Smith, who stars as police officer Will Gorski, it appears things aren’t looking good.

The 35-year-old actor tweeted, “This might be a good time to start making some noise,” in response to a fan who urged others to use the hashtag #RenewSense8. As a result, the hashtag is now trending worldwide on Twitter. Hopefully, someone over at Netflix is relaying this to the decision makers.

It’s uncommon for the streaming service to cancel its original series, but has done so in the past, especially the more expensive ones. The Get Down was axed after one season, while Marco Polo lived for only two seasons. Rumor has it, the latter resulted in a $200 million loss for Netflix.

Deadline reported a couple months ago that the streaming service was reassembling the cast after their options had expired due to the lengthy pre-production, marathon filming and meticulous post-production. Keeping a large ensemble cast like Sense8, which counts 15 regulars, including the title eight, is expensive as talent-holding fees add up over time.

Perhaps negotiations hit a couple obstacles along the way. Hopefully not, because I love this show and would hate it to end without a proper farewell. At the very least, Netflix could greenlight a special to wrap things up nicely, giving everyone a happy ending, figuratively and literally 😉

Until we hear an official announcement either way, let’s keep #RenewSense8 trending.