Sense8 Debuts First Trailer For Season 2

In Season 2, dark forces continue to track the cluster of eight connected characters. The sensates will learn more about BPO, the secret organization searching for their cluster and others like them, and will work to protect themselves from this organization that is out to hunt and kill them.

Netflix just premiered the first trailer for the second season of Sense8. It begins with Brian J. Smith in a museum looking at Rembrandt’s famous painting, The Night Watch. “Rembrandt. His name is synonymous with masterpiece, and this is arguably one of his greatest paintings. An iconic work of individuals setting aside their differences for a common good. But what we see is not what people saw hundreds of years ago. How we see changes, because our senses are evolving,” the voiceover says.

Sense8 is centered around eight characters, from different parts of the world, who experience a violent vision, and soon find themselves mentally connected by the experience. They become connected, able to see and talk to each other as though they were in the same place, with access to each other’s deepest secrets. Not only must the eight adapt to this new ability and to each other, they must figure out why their lives are now in jeopardy.

Joining Smith for a second go-round in the Wachowski-produced series are Doona Bae, Jamie Clayton, Tina Desai, Tuppence Middleton, Toby Onwumere, Max Riemelt, Miguel Angel Silvestre, Terrence Mann, Naveen Andrews and Daryl Hannah. Sense8 returns to the streaming service on May 5. Check out the trailer below.

Sense8 Season 2 Trailer