Is Sense8 Coming Back For A Second Season?


Typically, Netflix renews their original programming within a few weeks of its streaming debut. Sense8 was a bit of a slow burn, but by the season finale, I was completely hooked. All the sensates finally joined forces to kick some major ass and save one of their own. Naturally, I, like so many other fans, are hoping for a second season of the sexy sci-fi series.

When the Wachowskis sat down for the show’s Television Critics Association panel along with actors Jamie Clayton, Brian J. Smith, Daryl Hannah and Naveen Andrews, many were hopeful a second season renewal would be announced. Sadly, that never happened.

“We’re still awaiting word [about season two], and we’re cautiously optimistic, but it’s Netflix’s call,” – co-creator J. Michael Straczynski revealed on the panel.

“The way that the Wachowskis and I tend to work — we created the show together and we are running the show together — we are long-thinking people,” Straczynski added. “We look down the road and we say to ourselves, ‘Where is this going to go?’ … Season one is like an origin story and season two has some particular arc and we figure it out from there. But to spoil that here would not be the best interest of the surprise at the end.”

When addressing the show’s graphic sex scenes including that unforgettable orgy moment, he added.

“We wanted to do a show that was really for adults and grownups,” said Straczynski. “There’s a tendency for science fiction to be seen as something other than for adults. It tends to be the device, the gadget, the mission and not about the journey so much.”

Why is Netflix dragging their feet on a second season? Were the streaming numbers that awful? Or is the cost of the show a factor? With eight regular actors shooting in various global locations, I can’t imagine producing Sense8 being a cheap venture.

Did you sample Sense8? Are you hoping for a Season 2? Sound off below.

  • Nate KW

    Love the show and REALLY hope Netflix renews!

  • Dalyn Cheekie Smith

    I really hope it gets renewed. It was a slow beginning but hooked by the end.

  • David Condren

    Finished it in 3 days. NEED MORE.

  • 1isto2

    LOVED it! Really want a next season.

  • Yes please and that scene was the hottest ever I’ve seen on it

  • J Russell

    Ohhh Jis…..I so agree with you. Lets make it a bit hotter buddy! U and I join them in the water sports…lol Now that would be hot as hell! Take care man! JR

  • I like the way how you think 😉

  • J Russell

    well guess we will just have to get naked and do what we do best….lolI

  • I don’t even know how you looks like 😛

  • J Russell

    lol, ummmm naked and white….hahahaha