Miguel Ángel Silvestre Hits The Showers For GQ Mexico

When Netflix rudely canceled Sense8 after its second season, fans immediately launched the #RenewSense8 campaign to save the show. At first, the streaming service released a statement confirming the series was officially dead despite the public outcry. Miraculously, the powers that be greenlit a two-hour movie to wrap up the story. It’s something at least, right?

In that special, fingers crossed we get more loving moments between Lito and Hernando, who are arguably the hottest gay couple to ever appear on the small screen. Sadly, we’ll have to wait until 2018 before Sense8 returns to see if Lana Wachowski grants my wish.

If you want to get your Miguel Ángel Silvestre fix before then, you’re in luck. The 35-year-old Spanish actor recently posed for an editorial featured in GQ Mexico. Check out more pics below snapped by photographer Frankie Batista. I especially like the shower ones 😉