Selk’Bag®: The Modern Sleeping Bag


Tired of traditional sleeping bags? If so, you’ll have to check out Selk Bags- think of it as camping couture. Where old school sleeping bags lack, the Selk Bag excels. With it’s padded human form shape, you have a sense of movement while sleeping or moving about around camp. You’ll never have to get out of your sleeping bag to do your “business” again. Think of it as a sleep and wear system.

The Selk Bag has various ties, adjustment belts and reversible zippers that allow for a very snug fit. By having less dead space between yourself and the sleeping bag shell, you are able to contain more body heat and keep you warm during those cold nights outdoors. With the number of padded layered inserts, you can literally lie even on the hardest surfaces while maintaining maximum comfort as you would in your own bed.


Selk’Bag® is a sleeping system which allows to dress with your sleeping bag, giving a maximum mobility and comfort in periods of rest in a tent or outside it:

– Separate, move and join arms and legs
– Roll with your Selk’Bag®, not in it
– Stand without any trouble, walk, cross your legs and even grab certain elements with your hands thanks to its reversible zippers.

If the claim for undeniable comfort isn’t pushing you over the edge to purchase one of these, then think about how cute you’d look roaming around the campgrounds in them. Seriously, you’d be hard-pressed to not find, even the ugliest camper positively cute wrapped up in one of these creations. As cute as adults can look in them, kids look over-top-adorable in their get-ups. Seriously, how can you not say “awwwwwwwww” when you look at the picture below.


For more information about this product, click here. What do you think about the Selk Bag? Are they ridiculous or the best thing since slice bread? Weigh in below with your feedback.

  • Ryan

    OMG… those are amazing…. do you know how awesome one of those would have been on my last tofino surf trip… seriously!!! Sweet…. i need to buy me one of those things!

  • I know, right. I totally want one in a bright color. Glad you enjoyed reading the post.

  • I think if I put one of these on I’d never want to take it off. It’d be like never having to get out of bed!