Book Review: Selfish and Perverse

Take a writer’s assistant/writer from LA, introduce him to a salmon fisherman/archaeologist from Alaska, then introduce them both to an actor/sex god fresh from prison and you have the makings of one helluva love triangle.

Nelson isn’t particularly happy with his job as a writer’s assistant, nor is he happy with his lack of a boyfriend. Luckily, shortly after meeting the next future man of his dreams in Roy from Alaska, he gets fired for smoking pot with the surprisingly intelligent movie star Dylan. The three of them end up spending the summer in Alaska, and the result is this comic, sweet, and sexy story of friendship and romance, doubts, jealousies, and one helluva threeway.

Bob Smith’s comic voice rings clear; you might have recognized it from his collection of humorous essays “Openly Bob”. He paints Alaska beautifully and for this city boy, all I wanted to do was run away from the bars and catch a fish (with a super hot man next to me of course, it’s amazing what one is willing to do to bed a potential soulmate!). As the narrator Nelson realizes though, the soul of a gay man is a tramp.

But if you’re going to be in Alaska for the summer, why NOT be there with not one but TWO hot men?

The book also has some great insights into art and the act of creation, the frustration of procrastinaton and the pride of completion that any artist (in any medium) would be familiar with. It also explores the nature of gay salmon. It’s a fun read, one that will leave you laughing, sighing, and maybe a bit horny.

Submitted By: Rob B. Follow him on Twitter @robbrowatzke

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  • Jaime Burke

    This book was recommended to me a back in 2009. I LOVED IT. A great read and I’m glad to see it being put back out there.

  • Rob

    Be sure to read his collection of comic essays: Openly Bob