Selena Gomez Amps Up The Sex Appeal In ‘Slow Down’ Music Video

Holy vampy Batman!!! Where did this Selena Gomez come from? The 20-year-old singer turns up the sex volume to dangerous decibel levels in her new music video. No wonder Justin Bieber is spiraling out of control. He realizes he most likely won’t snag anyone as hot as Gomez ever.

Thanks to some shady video streaming site over in Asia, we get a leaked version of Gomez’s visual for “Slow Down.” UPDATE: Selena just released the official video on VEVO. Enjoy. Seleners heads to the City of Lights to get her freak on. Whether she’s strutting sexily down a cobblestone street, giving come hither stares in an old school Benz or navigating through neon lights at some Parisian club, Gomez has never looked better. Major fierceness. She’s even channeling vintage Britney with her steamy choreography. I’m living for this clip right now. Check out Selena rockin’ a high pony (I miss my samurai pony 😉 below. It’s everything.

Selena Gomez ‘Slow Down’ Music Video

  • Erick22

    I LOVE this, she’s growing on me like a bitch. Go Sel!

  • Andrew

    Wow. Look at her go.

  • Brett

    Loving the song…but she still looks, like, 16! I know she’s 20 or something… but I can’t help but feel dirty after watching it. Yucky. Selena being sexy just isn’t working for me.

  • Jay

    I hear bits and pieces of Britney’s Til The World Ends in this one.

  • jr89

    Yeah she look still very young but her songs getting better.