Selena Gomez Battles The Elements In ‘Come & Get It’ Music Video

Let’s get the obvious out of the way. Selena Gomez is beyond gorgeous in the “Come & Get It” music video. The 20-year-old former Disney star lets her burgeoning womanhood all hang out. She even gets a little hands on with an unidentified man, caressing his face at will.

As expected, the clip is visually stunning. After all, it is directed by Anthony Mandler who’s become somewhat the go-to director for the new generation of pop divas. Taylor Swift enlisted him for “I Knew You Were Trouble” and “22.” With that in mind, all his videos are starting to look similar. In fact, “Come & Get It” reminds me a lot of Rihanna’s “Only Girl (In the World).” In all honesty, the Gomez clip looks like a mashup of RiRi’s videos. It all makes sense when you find out Mandler and Rihanna have collaborated more than a dozen times together.

As familiar as it seems, I do like the video. I just wish she had done something in the vein of Iggy Azalea’s “Bounce” where the Aussie rapper went all out Bollywood. Perhaps, Selena was a tad gun shy after receiving flack for wearing a bindi during the MTV Movie Awards. You’ll see her wearing the same outfit from the live performance in the video, just without a bindi.

Watch Selena’s latest below where she embraces her earthy tribal side as she faces off with water, air, fire and wind elements. The open vistas and exotic feel truly are breathtaking.

Selena Gomez ‘Come & Get It’ Music Video

What do you think of the music video? Do you agree with me that the clip is reminiscent of Anthony Mandler’s previous works? Do Selena Gomez and Mandler bring the Bhangra beat to life? Sound off below.

  • DouggSeven

    Very proud of myself for making it to the 2 minute mark. Sadly, that’s all I can take of her shitty music. Cute girl – terrible singer (YouTube her live and you’ll see what I mean).

    Honestly, who are you people that buy this garbage?

  • DouggSeven

    And Donovan – I doubt she embraced any ‘earth tribal side’. There are video treatment directors for that. She showed up, went in hair/makeup, lip synced her track to very minimal choreography, had a San Pelligrino, and was done for the day. I highly doubt she even sticks around to view the dailies.

  • rogelio

    She is gorgeous, she should use that in her videos. That work, and although this is way better than demi’s heart attack video, it does look like a mashup of Rihanna’s videos. Try to do something new…

  • Rob

    Same as Doug, hardly got to the 2 min mark
    The photography is nice but the song is really really bad. And the video in particular looks best in the valley shots rather than the fire beyonceish takes which are more of the same.

    The song is really really bad, one more of the bounch and expected. It is clear she’s targeting a new demographic now but the choice is way too obvious, so far she was one of the classy girls to put it in a way

  • lisa

    I like the video. Selena looks pretty in it, the song isn’t that bad. It really doesn’t remind me of Rihanna’s video. I mean really everyone copies each other it’s a form of flattery in a way. I’m sure these singers don’t even get to decide the video treatment

  • Jay

    She just doesn’t have a good singing voice, or singing talent…..

  • Damien


  • Patty

    I took Dougg’s advice and watched Selena G’s live performances and GAWD DAMN this girl can’t sing live. Setting the cynicism aside, this video is “meh”. Not the best but certainly not the worst. She’s a cute girl with… umm, how to say this nicely… fairly reasonable talent given auto tune and hopefully(?) vocal training? I know she’ll never become a Jessie J live performer but best of luck for this tween pop star.

  • brett

    The video wasn’t the best…but it actually made my kind of like the song. Nothing here is groundbreaking, but it’s a fun listen. My only problem: Selena still looks way too young to be acting all “sexy,” doesn’t she? I just can’t take her seriously.