Sebastian Stan Works On His Fitness For Details Magazine

If you’ve been watching “Political Animals” on USA Network this summer, you’ve undoubtedly appreciated Sebastian Stan’s work on the show as the openly-gay son of the former President. That scene where his character has a Grindr-like hookup with some sexy random was H.O.T.T. hot. The 30-year-old actor certainly has a nice physique. With a lot of sweat, you too, can have toned arms and a lean toned body like his.

Snapped by photographer Andrew Hetherington, Stan shows off his grueling workout routine customized by trainer Michael Olajide Jr. With a mixture of shadowboxing, cardio, ab sculpting and aeroboxing, Stan makes sure his body is always camera ready. Check out a series of photos of the Romanian-born actor working on his fitness below, along with a few quotes from his Details feature.

Keeping In Shape For The Job

“Working out and working as an actor have gone hand in hand—I always feel more prepared if I know I have done a workout. It gives me confidence—and peace of mind.”

Favorite Workout, Aeroboxing

“You end up in a pool of your own sweat. It’s hard to keep up with the boxing combinations unless you’re really focused, so it’s also a great mental workout.”

On Building Muscles

“I like to be lean and flexible. I’m not interested in gaining size.”

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