Happy Hump Day everybody! It’s time for your favorite Wednesday delight: Who’d You Rather. Last week during some serious writers block, I too to Homorazzi’s Facebook page to ask who you, our readers thought I should pit against each other. Last week’s reader suggestion was so popular, I thought I’d give another one ago. This week, it’s between two gay actors (while one is not “technically out”) in Hollywood. We have the adorable Matt Bomer and the sexy Sean Maher. Let’s learn more about these boys shall we?

You may recognize Matt Bomer from his leading role on the USA networks hits show White Collar or you may remember his recurring role on NBC’s Chuck. However you know him, there is no denying his sex appeal. Matt is currently raising three kids Kit, Walker, and Henry with alleged parter in life, Simon Halls. Regardless of if he is gay or not, who cares, the man is just hot, am I right? And of course, we are all looking forward to watching the man strip down in the upcoming film, Magic Mike.

I was first introduced to Sean Maher when appeared on NBC’s failed show The Playboy Club. It’s too bad the show didn’t really run for a longer period of time. Sean’s gay storyline was just getting started, and not soon after, Maher decided to publicly come out. Sean has appeared on other hits like Party of Five and Firefly and even played John Stamos’ love interest in the TV movie Wedding Wars. We can catch Sean next in the indie film adaption of Much Ado About Nothing. Sean and his partner are currently raising two adopted children. Cute!

So you’ve got to know the men, but now it’s time to check out the evidence and vote!

Matthew Bomer

Sean Maher

Who'd You Rather: Bomer VS Maher

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