Filming for “Scream 4” just got underway, but the producers have already faceing a major hurdle. One of their actresses has dropped out due to scheduling conflicts with their current gig. Now the producers are scrambling to find a last-minute replacement for said actress.

31-year-old Lake Bell broke the news via her Twitter account. She tweeted: “Scheduling conflicts with my current gig means I cant do #Scream4! (Hey horror bloggers, I know who the killer is…) #i’llnevertell”. Bell has appeared in the feature film “It’s Complicated” and the legal drama “Boston Legal“. The scheduling conflict is probably due to the untitled Ivan Reitman project she’s currently attached to.

The brunette beauty was supposed to play Deputy Judy Hicks who works with Dewey (David Arquette). Here’s what the casting call revealed about the character:

“A police officer, decidedly sexy but a bit off, she knew Sidney from high school. Didn’t make a big enough impression for Sidney to remember her. Likes her boss, Dewey, perhaps a little too much. NAME CAMEOS PREFERRED;”

If you’re a regular visitor to, you’ll know we’re big “Scream” fanatics. Expect to read frequent updates about the highly anticipated sequel. The fourth installment of Wes Craven’s horror series will reunite original cast members Neve Campbell, David Arquette and Courtney Cox. In addition fresh meat Emma Roberts (Unfabulous), Hayden Panettiere (Heroes), Rory Culkin and Lauren Graham (Gilmore Girls) are all aboard hoping to escape the Ghostface killer murderous clutches.

Are you a hardcore fan of the classic 90s films? If so, care to take any guesses on who’ll be the killer this time? Will any of the original characters like Sidney, Dewey or Gale meet their maker this time around? Weigh in below with any of your predictions.