Not going to lie, but I’ve been crushin’ hard on Scott Speedman for years now. Ever since I laid my eyes on him on Felicity, I was in love. I don’t blame Keri Russell for following stalking him cross country and for dating him in real life. Since the 37-year-old actor’s new show Last Resort premiered this week, I thought it was a perfect time to highlight this stud for my Man Crush feature. If you didn’t catch the pilot episode, make sure you give the show a try. The show producer has promised viewers that several shirtless scenes of Scott are coming. Better make some room on your DVR/PVR.

Speedman was born in London, England in 1975. At age four, his family moved to Toronto. You’d be surprised to know he was a competitive swimmer during his youth and even placed ninth at the 1992 Canadian Olympic trials. Unfortunately, a neck injured ended his athletic career. He soon shifted gears and studied acting at the University of Toronto and York University.

Arguably, Felicity was his big break. The show’s success elevated Speedman’s career instantly and soon he was landing film roles with Gywneth Paltrow and Kate Beckinsale in Duets and Underworld respectively. The latter proved a lucrative career move as he appeared in a few Underworld sequels. Most recently he appeared with Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams in The Vow. I’m beyond ecstatic that Scott is now available on a weekly basis once again. Thank you ABC and I look forward to those promised shirtless scenes and a sneak peek at his “submarine” in the DVD extras 😉

The premiere episode of Last Resort didn’t fare so well in the Nielsens. I blame ABC partly for it. You have Speedman as a star yet you only use a silhouette of him for the poster. Stupid move.

Loving the whole laid back vibe of the shoot.

Charged with prostitution??? I’d buy whatever he’s selling.

Yummy mountain man. He could keep me warm during those cold snowy nights.

He likes to back up his canoe 😉

The long curly hair, the scruff, the plaid shirt. My ideal man.

A little shirtless action during his Felicity days.

Looking even hotter with his mouth wide open.

Shaved or spikey, Scott can pull off any hairstyle.

There’s just something about him that really turns my crank.

About to head to the rice fields 😉