Go ahead, make my day. I’m sure you can tell by his last name, who his famous dad is. It’s none other than Clint Eastwood. Don’t worry, Clint’s Hollywood clout had no bearing in selecting Scott Eastwood as my weekly Man Crush. Scotty made it all on his own merit because he’s so damn fine. Remember his name, you’ll be hearing a lot of it, in the coming months and years.

Born Scott Clinton Reeves, the 24-year-old hunk didn’t change his last name to Eastwood until he became an actor. Coincidentally enough, his first acting gig was courtesy of his famous dad in his film, “Flags of our Fathers”. Scott was born in Carmel, California in 1986, where his Clint began his first term as mayor (86-88).

Since he was the result of an affair between his flight attendant mother and Clint, his birth certificate didn’t list anyone as his father. It wasn’t until the mid-1990s when the National Enquirer broke the story of his paternity that it was public knowledge. Since then, Scott has grown close to his dad and often appear in his films, “Gran Torino“, “Invictus” and the aforementioned “Flags of our Fathers“. Prior to dabbling in acting, he did a bit of modeling and even appeared in an Abercrombie & Fitch ad.

Typically, I like to pick non super famous hotties for my weekly crushes, but that could all change this year. According to IMDB.com, Scott has five films completed and in post-production. 2011 could prove to be his breakout year. Next week, I promise to select a Man Crush that is more well known and popular, but in the meantime get ready to gawk at Scott’s hotness and you can proudly say to your friends you knew him when.

Looking hot on the red carpet while showing off his furry little chest. GROWL.

A couple of pics from his early modeling days.

Cowabunga dude. I’d hang ten with him anytime. How sexy is he in that bodysuit? Guess he spent a lot of time surfing during his childhood in Hawaii.

Showing off a little skin for Abercrombie & Fitch.

I love a black and white brooding pic.

Playing one of Matt Damon’s teammates in Invictus. I wonder if any steamy locker room scenes were filmed but left on the cutting room floor. Ahhh Damon & Eastwood. That’s one tasty huddle I’d like to be in.

He looks good from the left. He looks good from the right. I’m sure he’s pretty tasty from behind too.

Posing with his dad. Isn’t the resemblance uncanny?

Here’s another shirtless pic of Scott. HAHA. Did I fool you? It’s actually Clint back in the day. You don’t need a DNA test to confirm Clint’s paternity.

He’s so adorable in this pic, I had to add it twice.