If you have caught the Scissor Sisters during their current tour, you’ve probably become obsessed with the choreography behind their fabulous track, “Let’s Have a Kiki.” Featuring Ana Matronic and two fabulous backup singers, she lets the crowd have it with her cell phone banter before breaking into the incredible hook. Flanked by her two backup singers, Ana busts out into some simple, but effective choreo that has us all turned out. Wanna learn these sexy moves? Now you can.

In the new instructional video, Ana, backup dancers and Jake Shears show us all how it’s done while the lyrics bounce across the bottom of the screen like a karaoke machine. Now you can dance AND sing along. Be forewarned, you may not be able to peer away from Jake Shears’ crotch which is very highlighted by his football-style pants. Grab your heels, lock the doors and learn “how to kiki” below.

Scissor Sisters, “Lets Have a Kiki” Instructional Video