Universal To Make A New “Scarface” Film

Is anyone out there feeling like lately, Hollywood is becoming more and more lazy and less and less original? The amount of reboots and remakes being thrown our way is a little dry in my opinion. First Footloose from MTV, then it’s announced that they want to remake Dirty Dancing and now, Universal Pictures is stating that they want to make a brand new Scarface. Anyone else want to join me in a joint groan?

The world was first introduced to Scarface in 1932 by Howard Hughes. More famously, we remember Scarface as the 1983 classic with Al Pacino playing the character of Tony Montana. So, is the world ready for another Scarface adaptation? According to Universal, it will not be a reboot or a remake but simply a new version of the film. What the hell does that mean?

Marc Shmuger and Martin Bregman are to produce the new film which is the same dynamic duo that produced the ’83 film. Universal says that the story will be a common gathering of elements from both of the films. However, moms the word on where the new Tony will comes from. I’m not sure if I’m 100% cool with this idea but I will wait until more develops. Just because, check out the ’83 trailer for Scarface below.