Scandal Tops Nielsen’s First Ever Twitter TV Ratings

Gladiators came out in full force for the Season 3 premiere of Scandal last Thursday. The ABC political drama roared back with a series best. It was up 71% over its year-ago season premiere and surpassed its previous series highs by 13%. The only show that fared better that night was CBS’ The Big Bang Theory. Looks like Olivia Pope isn’t just top dog in Washington, D.C. but on the Twitter-verse as well.

Nielsen in conjunction with SocialGuide began a new metric last week, tabulating the number of people tweeting about TV programs and the audience of people who actually view those Tweets. With social media becoming such an integral part of viewing, due to all those hashtags popping up on the bottom corner of the screen, it only makes sense this new chart exists. You can thank Pretty Little Liars for starting this trend.

Topping the first ever Top 10 chart, is none other than Scandal. The show notched almost 713,000 tweets in the seven hours before, during and after its premiere. Those tweets reached an audience of roughly 3.65 million unique Twitter users. Miley Cyrus dominated the next two spots with her MTV documentary and guest host stint on Saturday Night Live. Find out how many tweets she generated and the rest of the Top 10 below.

Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings Top 10

  • 1. “Scandal,” 3.65 million users reached by 712,900 tweets
  • 2. “Miley: The Movement,” 3.19 million from 142,400 tweets
  • 3. “Saturday Night Live,” 3.15 million from 175,800 tweets
  • 4. “The Voice” (Tuesday), 2.62 million from 106,600 tweets
  • 5. “The Voice” (Monday), 2.56 million from 135,000 tweets
  • 6. “The Vampire Diaries,” 2.49 million from 278,000 tweets
  • 7. “Glee,” 2.27 million from 196,000 tweets
  • 8. “Dancing With the Stars,” 2.09 million from 59,800 tweets
  • 9. “The X Factor” (Wednesday), 2.04 million from 255,200 tweets
  • 10. “The X Factor” (Thursday), 1.8 million from 188,800 tweets

What do you think of this new metric? Do you tweet while watching your favorite show? If so, which shows do you love tweeting about? Sound off below.

  • Lukas James

    I think if your tweeting the whole time are hardly capable of paying attention to what your watching or who you are watching with. Therefore ….this is not a very accurate read on the show itself ..but on people who have opinions on every miniscule aspect of a program and are looking for validation on those opinions. Then there are the rest of us who are engaged and watching our programs ….perhaps not even picking up the phone if it rings..because we are otherwise engaged. But there is no gaging that. So Twits win