Original Ending For ‘Scandal’ Revealed

Shonda Rhimes previously revealed that unlike Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal could only run for so long. From the very beginning, the 47-year-old prolific producer knew how the political drama would end. Bellamy Young, who brilliantly plays President Mellie Grant, revealed on The Wendy Williams Show how Rhimes originally intended to end the show.

“We asked her at the beginning of the year. We went out to dinner and asked, ‘Is it ending like you always thought it would, or has anything changed?’ And she said that, no, it was going to end at the inauguration, so we got an extra year. It feels like such a gift from heaven.”

Mellie ending up as POTUS, which happened at the end of Season 6, would’ve been a great ending but I’m glad Rhimes decided to do another year. I’m quite enjoying Season 7 with Olivia Pope being slightly unhinged. Girlfriend is drunk with power. I can’t wait to see how Shonda wraps up Scandal which airs it series finale in 2018.

Watch the interview below which also includes Young talking about how her character Mellie only had two lines in the pilot and wasn’t supposed to stick around. Glad that never happened. Mellie is one of my favorite characters on the show.