This past weekend, Alec Balwin hosted Saturday Night Live for the season premiere of the comedy show and the upcoming season looks like it will keep getting better and better.

First off, this weekend we have the HILARIOUS Melissa McCarthy of “Bridesmaids” and “Mike & Molly“. I just rewatched Bridesmaids for the second time last night since I saw it in theatres when it first came out – she plays arguably what might be the funniest character in the whole movie, up there with Kristin Wiig’s character.

Ben Stiller will lead the show on October 8th with musical guest Foster The People (best known for their hit, “Pumped Up Kicks”). Love Foster the people and Ben Still, who has a comedy coming out later this fall called “Tower Heist“, is always a riot. On October 15, musical guest Drake will make his SNL debut in an episode hosted by Anna Faris, who’s starring in the upcoming movie, “What’s Your Number?,” which opens on September 30th. She’s one of my favorite women of comedy and although she often plays the same kind of “clueless” character, she does it so well that I can’t help but love her. If you haven’t seen the trailer for her upcoming movie, definitely check it out below.