BEST COVER EVER! Josh-Radin Style!


While watching a semi-recent episode of Scrubs- yes, I still watch it, i’m stuck, leave me alone- I heard this cover. Joshua Radin, a consummate artist on this show and others like Grey’s Anatomy and the like, is a brill acoustic singer that has some pretty amazing songs of his own. However, the second I heard this RANDOM cover of the Sesame Street Theme Song (something we ALL remember and makes us smile), I was hooked!

The song is slowed and given a haunting quality that will have you BEGGING to find a legitimate copy of the mp3 to play on eternal repeat the next time you fight with your best friend or end up on the butt-end of an: “It’s not you, it’s me” conversation! Unfortunately, as far as my research has revealed to me, there IS no actual version out there I can put in my iPhone and listen to without having to rip this youtube video which is a big clunky to do and won’t fit in my “Sad Walking” playlist 😛

If anyone DOES find a song file of this, LET ME KNOW, otherwise: enjoy!!

  • Brad M.

    Hey, I’ve got a file of it but it’s not the greatest quality but it does the trick. I pretty much play it on repeat while I’m driving, it’s amazing!!

  • Dan

    Adam – this is AMAZING! I love you for posting this.

  • Steph

    Oh my god..incredible. I also got hooked off it from Scrubs. Its amazing.