Sassy Gay Friend Does OTHELLO


You know you’d think I was a kid at christmas everytime Second City comes out with a new Sassy Gay Friend video. I wrote about this when they made their first two for Romeo & Juliet and Hamlet. They just keep getting better!

Today Desdemona gets a talking to while waiting for Othello to come to the bedroom because, “he’s also ordered a pillow from Bed Bath and Beyond that’s good for SMOTHERING!”

These videos, among MANY others are brought to your computer screen via The Second City, one of the most famous (if not THE)  comedy troops in the world. Us Canadians actually can thank Second City for giving us the legendary SCTV (Second City Television) back in the day, as well as giving birth to some of the world’s most famous comedians and actors.

Remember that it’s okay to let your friend know when they’re being a “stuuuuupid bitch”.

  • Padi

    Laughed my ass off.