Sasquatch 2009, Homorazzi Style!


Summer. Vancouver is having what seems to be a personality crisis lately. Our city’s rainy reputation hasn’t been so convincing the past few weeks. The weather is nice enough to tan even me! Donovan and I brought some of that sunshine with us as we traveled down south last week for the Pacific Northwest’s premier outdoor music festival, Sasquatch.

There were so many bands I was looking forward to, and so many new bands and people I ended up seeing. It was exhausting, but exhilarating. I want to do it again right now!

Sasquatch is something you have to experience. During the days, you reward your ears with dozens of bands, and treat your eyes to all the skin on display. During the night you grab some more alcohol, find the nearest campsite still awake, and meet some new friends.

The Gorge in Washington state is the most beautiful venue in North America, hands down. It accommodates so many people. There are 3 music stages and 1 dance/comedy tent, tonnes of sitting room, and various (overly priced) concession stands. The event does have some problems: No re-entry, once you’re in the concert you can’t leave and come back. That is just stupid in my opinion, but I guess logistically it makes sense for Live Nation. Also I would be doing the public a disservice if I didn’t mention this: $9 beer & $14 margaritas! AMERICAN! Fuck that. You’re not allowed to bring in outside alcohol, and they do check your bags upon entry, but I saw more than enough people drinking from paper bags and bottles when I was inside.

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Also, I have to say, I was a little disappointed with the visibility of homosexuality during the weekend. Obviously there must have been a queer contingent there, but damned to me if I could find it. There were heteros all over the place, snuggling on blankets, making out during Explosions in the Sky, holding hands. Not once though did I see any man-on-man action or lesbo lovin’. I know Sasquatch isn’t a sex fest, that’s not what I’m talking about. I just assumed there should be a little more of a gay presence.

Nevertheless, the weekend was intense:

Top 3 Music Moments:


Nine Inch Nails

Trent Reznor is definitely still doable. He’s looking mighty beefy these days. The light & fog show, and the sun setting behind them made their performance incredibly engaging. They didn’t play Closer (even though I was continually screaming for it, I know you heard me Trent! What’s the deal?), but they did play March of the Pigs. Three cheers for the two stoner chicks standing in front of us and one of the more spastic dancers I saw all weekend who provided additional entertainment.


Gogol Bordello

I’m not a previous fan of them. They’re very eclectic, and powerful. I made my way to the front of the main stage with friends to view these guys up close, and I wasn’t disappointed. Some bands just know how to work a crowd, G.B. being one of those.


Girl Talk

Pop is dead, long live pop! I’ve seen Mr. Gillis three times now. This wasn’t the best set he’s ever done: A mid-way restart due to some tracks not matching up, and the sound was a little muted from where we were standing, but a Girl Talk performance is the epitome of fun for the generation with the short attention span. 1 man, 1 laptop, throw your hands up!

Honorable mentions: The incredible ‘rave for non-ravers’ dance tent, I swear if we had a venue like that in Vancouver I’d never go anywhere else. Santigold, was precious beyond belief. The 2 skinny boys who were just LOVING Grizzly Bear, I wish I would have gotten up and danced with you 🙂 TV on the Radio, Animal Collective, Explosions in the Sky, Fences, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and King Kong!

Bands I unfortunately missed: The Decemberists, Death Vessel, of Montreal, Kings of Leon, Getting on the Stage for Girl Talk.

Top 3 “Other” Moments:

1. Meeting the great people from 230 Publicity and others in the media tent, Frank, Ashley and Chris. It was nice to get away from the festival for a bit and chill out.

2. Using our media passes to get onto the VIP stage during King Kong. Some bitch stole my pen, but it was still worth it.

3. Getting picked up by some American Monday night for a little tent-action’ 😛

Honorable mentions: Hidden alcohol. Friendly Canadians. Elie, who said he was straight, but your eyes said different. And half naked men in all shapes and sizes. Not getting burnt, but still getting some sun.

How many days until next year? *sigh*.

  • my fave moments were:

    1. watching a group of people (obviously loaded) playing duck duck goose. it was hilarious.

    2. charming our way into the rockstar private VIP area. what! what!

    3. $14 frozen margaritas. okay the price sucked but the blended drinks were amazing and highly potent.

    4. the drive down there is amazing and so are the views. words can’t explain how surreal it was to be lying down in the hot sun, listening to wicked music and having this beautiful canyon as a backdrop. A-MAZE-BALLS.

  • Brad M.

    Oh Sasquatch! <3.

    This was my first time ever attending and I had no idea what to expect. I could have never expected the immense beauty of the venue which I agree is the best in North America.

    I was also very disapointed at the seemingly non existent gay presence! The amazing artists and atmosphere definitely made up for that however. I had no time to search for fellow ‘mo’s running between the 3 stages and squeezing my way through the crowd to get prime views of my favorite bands (there were way too many there!).

    The highlights of my Sasquatch experience were;

    1. Bruised ribs from being crushed against the fence for – Decembrist, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Kings of Leon, Of Montreal, Girl Talk, Chromeo, King Khan, Deadmau5. (The highlight from this list was Chromeo)

    2. Being soaked head to toe in sweat, a lot of which was not my own every night on the walk back to the camp. We hit up the dance tent every night – AMAZING

    3. Seeing Greenman! – Always Sunny in Philadelphia reference.

    4. Getting an incredible burn which has now thankfully turned into a sexy tan.

    I definitely can’t wait for Sas ’10.

  • Ah yes, Greenman! I wonder if that guy was boiling in that costume or not.

    I loved how when he was crowdsurfing during girl talk, the cameras panned on to him, and the crowd just erupted.

    We should have gave him some acid 😛

  • Brad M.

    He must have been boiling. Each day I wore less and less clothes cause the heat was incredible. His campsite was really close to ours and he wore that suit 24/7! Yes! The girltalk crowd surf was ammmmazing, actually the whole girltalk set was great. I was so dissapointed we didn’t get on stage though it was one of my “Must-Do’s” for the weekend.