Sasquatch 2009I’m going to be headed to the Saquatch Music festival this year in Washington. I went in ’07, on a trip which can definitely be classified as eventful. Six friends and I all packed into a huge van and drove from Vancouver to the Gorge. A trip that should only take about 5 hours, but due to THREE flat tires we ended up having to crash at some random person’s cabin for overnight on the way there.

The festival itself was amazing. Bjork and Arcade Fire as headliners on the first day was one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to. They both really know how to put on a show.

I skipped the festival last year. I don’t remember why, but it definitley wasn’t because of the line-up. 2008 had R.E.M., the Cure, The Mars Volta, Death Cab for Cutie, and a lot more.

When I went in ’07, I didn’t really know too many of the bands that were playing. I’m going to try to remedy that this year by getting to know a couple of bands a week and showcasing them here. I’m really excited to see Animal Collective, TV on the Radio, Girl Talk, and NIN, but there are dozens of other performers to watch out for.

only-by-the-nightFirst up on the docket is Kings of Leon. I’ve heard of them before, but never (knowingly) listened to them. The band consists of three brothers, and one cousin. Their songs can sometimes have hints of a southern twang, which is appropriate as they hail from Nashville. I got a hold of their latest album Only By The Night yesterday, and I’ve been going through it today. I’m reaaaaally trying to like this album, but it’s hard to. I’d categorize it as accessible rock. Nothing that special, a lot of moody atmosphere, and reverb. When they do it well thought, it’s pretty catchy.

I’ve grown very fond of two songs. The album opener Closer is very minimal and spacey. It invokes a sad emotion when listening to it. The other, Sex on Fire was their first single off Night, and it’s obviously the album’s best. The haunting vocals mix well with the echoing guitars, and the burst of energy at the chorus is infectious. I’m sure I’ll be singing along when I see them. The lyrics themselves are simple, easy to decipher, and on theme with the song’s title:

Hot as a fever, Rattling bones
I can just taste it, Taste it

If it’s not forever, If it’s just tonight
Oh it’s still the greatest, The greatest, The greatest

Unfortunately, the video on youtube has disabled embedding, so here’s a link to Sex on Fire

The rest of the album is forgettable. Especially the last half. KoL have a couple more previous albums that I might give a listen to before the concert, but as it stands two songs do not an album make, so they haven’t impressed me too much.

Kings of Leon right now are scheduled to headline the festival’s first day, May 23rd. I’ll probably stick around to see if they play Closer and Sex on Fire, but after that I’ll probably go back to the campsite and drink.