When dancer and choreographer Brian Friedman decided to expand his ever growing empire in the entertainment industry, it was a no-brainer for him to team up some other industry heavy hitters to create a new production company titled IDentity UnKnown. I was first introduced to their impecable work when they produced our friend Leo Moctezuma’s video for his single, 2 Da Left. (Watch it HERE!)

Now, Brian and his crew have shifted their focus to develop ID’s first solo artist. May I introduce to you, Sarati. This blonde firecracker has just released her debut single This Beat with a music video set to show off just what this gal is capable of.

With both the single and the video, you can see the major influences of pop queens like Janet Jackson and Britney Spears, both artists that Brian Friedman has worked with extensively. Go figure. The video follows the pattern of Janet’s infamous Pleasure Principle video with Sarati dancing around a warehouse showing off some pretty stellar moves choreographed by LA prodigy, Tucker Barkley.

Sarati, “This Beat”

I absolutely love the song and how they reference “the beat” throughout the entire track. I also love the subtle shout out to 90’s harmonies and song writing. I could have done without the SUPER long intro at the beginning but overall, I love her debut. I can’t wait to see and hear more from this one. I would also like to see what this girl can bring to the table in the live setting. Will you become a fan of Sarati?