Conan O’Brien’s Lips & Tongue On Sarah Silverman’s Crotch? Watch Here

Unabashed funny lady, Sarah Silverman stopped by Conan O’Brien’s late show last night for some laughs but made Conan rather uncomfortable in the process.

Sarah first showed Conan an email she had received from her dad congratulating her on something she did – but how he wrote it was too funny – it’s one of those situations where “Parents Say The Darndest Things” when using email or text message. Anyway, that’s now what made Conan uncomfortable, this is: Using her iPhone, Sarah took a close-up picture of Conan’s lips and asked him to stick his tongue out a little bit. She then took the phone and put it between her legs so it look like her vagina. LOL! She then put the phone between co-host, Andy Richter‘s legs as well. He reacts by saying of Conan, “Now I really wish you still had the beard.

She also shares a few other random ideas with viewers and talks about a new app she has coming out. She even gets Conan to scream out, “Vagina!” Watch the hilarity below.

Sarah Silverman On Conan