Sarah Paulson’s Terrifying Visit To The Ellen DeGeneres Show

After seven seasons of American Horror Story under her belt, you’d think Sarah Paulson would be impervious to silly scare tactics. In actuality, it’s the complete opposite. The 42-year-old actress is quite an easy target.

During her visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show to promote AHS: Cult, poor Paulson was the victim of not one, not two, but three pranks from the playful host. It started with Ellen spooking Sarah in her dressing room, followed by a double header scare in front of the audience. The last one had me cracking up the most.

Check out the scarefest below, along with Paulson talking about her real-life fears. Apparently, her own personal phobias were written into the current season of the FX anthology. Guess playing her neurotic character isn’t too far of a stretch.

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  • Sk8board T

    Ellen’s such a bitch for the triple scare ???. Fukn hilarious.