Time and time again, I seem to end up commenting on the dumber aspects of politics while maintaining that I’m the cast member of Homorazzi the least interested in this world of prorogues and filibusters (don’t worry, I only use words I know ;). Still, I often come across something too funny not to put out there in retort to fellow writer Rich’s eye-rolling anger at me for not being more “involved” by being a “voter” (yes Rich, I put quotation marks around the word voter). This time it was the original Renegade herself: Sarah Palin. Though I spent this Sunday shouting “SCORE!!!” at the football big screen alongside my handsome and equally uninterested new friend Scott, others were apparently following a speech and interview by Sarah Palin amidst some sort of Tea Party Republican revolution against taxes, Obama and the like. Of importance to the hilarity of the situation is that Palin starts out her anti-POTUS rhetoric by mocking him as a “podium president” who wins the hearts of the people merely by repeating empty words prepared for him and parroted to his audience without thought… and then this happened!

Palin literally looks down at her hand and reads off some “key words” she hastily scribbled onto her palm before heading out on stage. I don’t mind the need to cheat, but come on: in a speech about the falseness of prepared words where Obama is mocked for being over-educated and not enough of a leader you end up looking like an 8th grade debater with cheat sheets up your sleeve? Please remember this woman very nearly became the next Vice President of the United States. You gotta love the Americans… and politics… and voting haha. What words did she choose as important enough to make her special list?

Tax Cut
Lift American Spirit

Seriously?? Jon Stewart put it best in asking: “Do you really need a note to remind you to lift peoples’ spirits?” Icing on the cake: the tickets to this presentation were $300 a pop- no joke.