Sara Bareilles Enlists Famous Friends For “Uncharted” Music Video

Sara Bareilles may not be the typical artist I write about, but I do love my Lilith-esque type music. “Love Song” ruled radio, appeared in countless television shows and proliferated to elevators everywhere back in 2007. The singer/songwriter released her follow up album, “Kaleidoscope Heart” back in September 2010 with only one single released, “King of Anything“, so far. The single did moderately well, but nowhere the success of “Love Song“. Maybe her second official single, “Uncharted” will do the trick.

Bareilles debuted the music video for her new single today. Director Laurent Briet did a great job of capturing the Neal Avron produced track’s catchy melody and cheery feel-good vibe. Funny enough, Sara Bareilles doesn’t even show up in most of the music video. Instead, the clip features footage of several of Bareilles’ famous friends lip syncing to her track. Making cameos are Adam Levine, Pharrell, Ryan Tedder, Sugarland’s Jennifer Nettles, Ben Folds and Josh Groban. Internet sensation, Keenan Cahill also makes an appearance. If I’m not mistaken, I believe Sara pops up at the very end of the video on the beach.

Sara Bareilles Uncharted Music Video

What did you think of the video and of the track? I love how that her famous friends participated in the video. I’m sure I missed, slash didn’t recognize, some of the people in the video. If you know any of them, I’d love to know who they are. Post them below in the comments section.

  • EZ

    Tegan and Sara, Ingrid Michaelson. <3 Love it!

  • :)

    who is that girl with the hat?

  • :)

    time 2:18