Here on, “sandwich” has become commonplace. As others have blogged, it’s not because we’re craving a cold cut, a club or a hoagie… oh dear this is going sideways… it’s because “sandwich” is the new “woof”. Let me explain. In bear land, “woof” is what one hot bear says when he sees another hot bear. But, we all aren’t bears and we certainly can’t walk down the street “woofing” at cute straight strangers. That could become awkward. So instead, we “sandwich”.

It’s a complicated word with a very simple background. Contrary to earlier reports, sandwich was not born from the Homorazzi womb. Homorazzi members absorbed it from their homo cousins in Victoria. I know I brought sandwich over to Vancouver, but I didn’t know how it really started, so I decided to ask around. It was my dear friend BK YouKnowWho who had the answer.

Without further ado, the history of sandwich, as described by BK.

“How many times have you been with your gaggle of gays when a hot guy walks by and you try to call dibs on him? It’s not always easy, or cool, to do so when he can hear the gaggle arguing over which guy saw him first.

After one such embarrassing incident at a Victoria coffee shop, a sandwich by the name of Dean (last name withheld) turned to his friend and said, quoting a famous sub shop commercial playing incessantly at the time, “Back off! Get your own sandwich!”

Amongst a small group of Victorian homos, the word “sandwich” suddenly became the go to word, like claiming shotgun, for taking dibs, imaginary or otherwise, on the hot guy without having the unsuspecting cutie know his ass had been taken possession of. Now, when that hot bastard with the ass that won’t quit walks by, “sandwich” both makes him yours, points out the hottie to your just as uncouth posse, no matter how close he is, and, if in earshot, doesn’t suspect anything other than you’re hungry.”

Thanks BK! Since then, sandwich has continued its evolution. It is a verb… “Did you REALLY just sandwich THAT?”. It is a noun… “OMG that sandwich is fierce”. It is an adjective… “That is one sandwichy woof daddy”. And now, it can be used when you bust other people cruising on your friends… “OMG Landon, you totally just got sandwiched”.

As if THAT would ever happen… wink!