This week, I had two of my best friends from Winnipeg come and surprise me with a week long visit. On the times when Vancouver weather wouldn’t agree with our plans, we took to Netflix to enjoy the fourth season of Mad Men. With all of the episodes behind us it was only fitting for me that I do a post inspired from the series.

Sam Page plays the role of Dr. Grey Harris, married to Joan and soon to be shipped off to the war in Vietnam. Sam has also appeared in few other series’ including Desperate Housewives and the CW’s Gossip Girl. In 2002, People named him one of the most eligible bachelors. Sam is 34 years old.

Matt Long played the role of Joey Baird on Mad Men before his character became a little disrespectful and got the boot from the office. Matt was cast in the lead of The Deep End before poor ratings found it drowning without a life vest. This 31 year old is currently filming a movie titled 17th Precinct in San Fransisco.



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