Behind The Cast: Cruising The Straight

Two weeks ago, Adam and I embarked on a week long sailing trip with two of our friends, Colby and Duncan. It was personally my first time sailing, but I surely don’t want it to be my last! Adam, Colby and I flew out of Coal Harbour in downtown Vancouver (really close to my apartment) to Desolation Sound, up the Straight of Georgia. There we met up with Duncan along with his other half Roy (it’s their sailboat) and the crew of friends that sailed it up there. Then, we switched. They flew back, and we hopped aboard the “Broomstick,” as their sailboat is called.

The weather was absolutely beautiful, the boat was amazing, great food & drinks, and most importantly the people I was with were so much fun. We went kayaking, hiking, sailing (duh), swimming, swinging of tarzan swings, and much more. It was nice to get away from it all (computers, cell phones, work, etc.) Sidenote: To be honest, I did have to call my BF Tyrell whenever we had a signal (which was very sparce) a) because I missed him and he was originally supposed to come with us, and b) because he was waiting to hear back about the results of his Hellcats audition (the new cheerleading show on the CW this fall). The results? He’s got the part and is on the Hellcat cheerleading squad. He started this past Monday!

That, coupled with the amazing sailing trip made for one pretty incredible week.

Me being a hero and tying the boat up for the night.

Adam paddling me back from going off the tarzan swing. I cut my foot really bad on a clam and my foot was gushing blood.

Cocktail hour, before dinner, on any given day we were on the boat. That’s Colby on the right.

Patrick & Adam’s Experience Sailing

Video From The Crew Before Us (Cameo by Us)

  • TOO funny patrick. Love the video… even though I look like an idiot… is that how i dance???

  • Chris Formosa

    cute. 🙂