RuPaul’s Sahara Davenport Goes Off!

At this rate, “RuPaul’s Drag Race” is going to have more wannabe pop stars than Bravo’s “The Housewives of…” franchise. The latest reality star to jump on the novelty single bandwagon is the fierce Sahara Davenport from “RuPaul’s Drag Race” Season 2. I have to give Sahara credit, it’s not bad and the production value of the music video is the best I’ve seen from any of Ru’s guuuuuurls. “Go Off!” is the sophomore release for the female illusionist. It’s a follow-up to her debut single, “Pump With Me“.

For the video, Davenport wanted a cleaner and less busy approach. Of course, we’re referring to a drag queen, so less busy is all relative. Directed by Syuji Honda, the clip features Sahara performing all her signature energetic high kicks as seen during her season of Drag Race. Remember that lip-sync for her life when girlfriend worked it out on pointe. Ferocity. The single has already landed on iTunes Top 200 Dance Singles Chart. A dance remix by DJ Manny Lehman is scheduled to be released later this month.

Check out Sahara (née Antoine Ashley) in her new music video below. It features a cameo from her boyfriend and RuPaul Season 3 alum Manila Luzon. Upcoming Season 4 RuPaul contestant Jiggly Caliente also pops up in the video. Talk about a RuPaul triple threat. These three should just form a girl band and reach for the glittery stars.

Sahara Davenport “Go Off” Music Video

Manila Luzon “Hot Couture” Video Teaser

Surprise, surprise. Sahara’s boyfriend, Manila Luzon, is also hoping to become a successful recording artist. Luzon is prepping the release of her debut music video, “Hot Couture“. She released a teaser a few weeks ago. See if it piques your interest to check out the full thing.

  • Anthony Trojman

    …”Pump with me”