Julianne Hough Finds ‘Safe Haven’ In Josh Duhamel’s Buff Arms

Rachel McAdams & Ryan Gosling, Richard Gere & Diane Lane, Channing Tatum & Amanda Seyfried, Liam Hemsworth & Miley Cyrus and now you can add Julianne Hough and Josh Duhamel to that list. The duo are the latest to star in a movie adaptation of a Nicholas Sparks’ novel. For all you who love these films, rest assured the requisite kissing in the rain scene is included, as well as plenty of other romantic scenes.

I think this might be the first time Hough is starring in a movie that doesn’t require her to writhe around and show off her dance moves. Let’s hope she fares better at the box office using her acting chops instead of relying on her ballroom prowess. Footloose, Rock of Ages and Burlesque didn’t exactly sell out tickets at theaters around the country. If you thought Duhamel and Julianne were odd choices for the roles, author Sparks doesn’t think so.

“I’m thrilled that Josh and Julianne have agreed to come aboard ‘Safe Haven’ — it’s hard to think of an actor better-suited to play the character of Alex than Josh, and Julianne will bring a combination of vulnerability and strength to the role of Katie. They are both such talented and charismatic individuals — and best of all, they have tremendous personal chemistry, which is essential for this film,” – Nicholas Sparks

Once again Lasse Hallström directs an adaptation of a Sparks novel. He previously helmed Dear, John starring Tatum and Seyfried. It’s kinda hilarious that the director who gave us Oscar-nominated films, Chocolat and The Cider House Rules, is now the go-to person for these romantic flicks. What happened? Sufficed to say, I don’t think Safe Haven isn’t going to be an Oscar frontrunner 😉 Watch the trailer below and see if you agree or disagree.

Safe Haven Movie Trailer

Safe Haven opens in the U.S. on February 8, 2013. Will you check out this latest Sparks adaptation? What’s your favorite film based on his novels, The Notebook, Message In A Bottle or something else? Sound off below.

  • Isabelle

    I’m such a sap, I awed a few times during this trailer. I always end up watching every Nicholas Sparks movie because there’s always a hot guy and I’ve been crushing on Josh since All my children so I will be seeing this movie too.

  • zurvivor

    Fergie and Ryan Secrest are watching, Lol.

  • Jaykumar B

    I’ve always had a massive crush on Josh!! really looking forward for this one..