Old School Flashback: Ain’t No Party Like An S Club Party

S Club 7. Remember them? I can honestly say that growing up as a teenager, this group’s music and TV shows were a staple in my life. Their infectious pop tracks and “not-from-here” nature on their shows made them an instant hit in North America. With seven very different styles and personalities, the group became a 90’s and early millennium phenomenon. There albums S Club, 7 and Sunshine charted well and the group was becoming a household name.

The group dynamic changed in 2002 when member Paul Cattermole decided to move on from the group and start working on an album with more rock roots. The group was determined not to disband and dropped the ‘7’ to record new music as the name S Club. However, their album Seeing Double failed to impress in the charts and with critics making it known that S Club’s time at the top of the charts was over.

Rachel Stevens found some solo success when she released her first album and found a hit in her first single Sweet Dreams My L.A. Ex. The entire album Funky Dory was pretty impressive but her second album Come and Get It failed to impress. So where is the group now? They recently reunited to come support member Jon Lee in his new role in Jersey Boys so lets find out what’s keeping these seven busy.


In 2004, Tina joined forces with Natasha Bedingfield and Liz McClarnon to record a cover of Rod Stewart’s Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?. Afterwards, she expressed interest in attempting a solo career but nothing came from it. She kept a very low profile but in 2008 agreed to sign on with the Jo, Bradley and Paul to reunite and perform in pubs and clubs but it seemed to be a rumor as she never appeared with the group. In 2009, Tina performed her first single ‘Fire’ and was stating that her album was almost ready for release, however, they hasn’t been any buzz since the summer of last year.


Paul left S Club 7 in 2002 to return to his rock roots and reform his band Skua which he stated had a Limp Bizkit like feel. With a few concerts and a couple recording sessions, the band split once again. Paul joined another band as the lead singer and in 2005 performed with them in lots of clubs. However, they didn’t garner much attention and at the end of the year, Paul left that group. What I didn’t know is that Paul and Hannah used to date and called it quits in 2006 after dating since 2000. He and band mate Bradley began to DJ together and then later joined up with Jo to perform as S Club 3 at special events and clubs.


After S Club disbanded, Jon found himself busy in the musical theatre scene of London. He began to star in Les Miserables and in 2005, joined the tour of Love Shack which featured great disco and dance hits and some other UK pop stars. He then went on to perform in Teen Scream and in 2010, began working on the musical Tomorrow Morning. In late 2010, Jon Lee discussed his sexuality with Gay Times magazine confirming what most of us had assumed all along. He was always out to family and friends but didn’t feel the need to let everyone know. Now, Jon stars in the hit musical Jersey Boys which is where the full cast was seen reunited last week.


When S Club split in 2003, Bradley dropped off the radar for quite a few years. In 2006, Bradley joined a few other popstars from disbanded groups in the MTV show Totally Boyband. They released only one single titled The One and it was a commercial disaster. Bradley began to DJ and later joined forces with band mate Paul to start playing and DJing clubs together where they sometimes revamped some old S Club classics. Bradley also wrote a book titled Bradley’s Mcintosh which was about a girl named Polly who meets Bradley who gives her a magical coat which allows her to go anywhere in the world. Needless to say, it didn’t sell very many copies. Bradley performs with Jo and Paul as S Club 3 and has since released a few of his own tracks on YouTube. On May 2009, Bradley performed at an Oxford Charity Ball where he received rave reviews and an over four minute standing ovation. He is now a writer and producer for groups JLS and Sugababes.


During the filming of S Club’s movie Seeing Double, Jo hurt her back really bad which forced her to leave the group for a short period of time before the group eventually disbanded. Being the more prominent vocalist, everyone was awaiting her solo comeback and in 2005, she signed a recording deal with Sanctuary Records. Her first single What Hurts The Most peaked at Number 13 on the UK Singles chart. She also appeared on reality show Celebrity Big Brother in 2007. Jo was accused of racist remarks after her and two other female houseguests were filmed discussing British and Indian governments and other remarks regarding Indian actress Shilpa Shetty. Jo now performs with Paul and Bradley as S Club 3.


Rachel probably had the most successful post-S Club solo career. Her debut album Funky Dory was well received with her first single Sweet Dreams My LA Ex becoming a huge hit in radio airplay and with clubs. Her second single Funky Dory failed to match the success of her debut. Critics said it was musically better than LA Ex, but lacked that special quality to make it a memorable single. Her follow up Some Girls was an instant hit in Europe and her best song to date. Rachel’s second album really showed off her vocal chops but didn’t chart very well at all. Rachel has since started working on an acting career and in 2008 appeared on Strictly Come Dancing. The received the most perfect 10’s ever achieved on the series. She finished the show in second place. Rachel was married in 2009 and has a baby girl named Amelie.


When S Club disbanded, Hannah didn’t really remain in the music industry. During her times in S Club, Hannah appeared as a pin-up in a lot of magazines and was in FHM’s Top 100 Sexiest Women list multiple times. In a recent interview this year however, she said that she would love to return to music soon. Hannah appeared in the film Agent Cody Bands 2 which she began filming almost immediately after S Club ended. She also had a minor role in Seed of Chucky and the roles didn’t stop there. She appeared in a few TV shows and in 2005, graced the stage in Snow! The Musical. Last year, Hannah made a cameo in the film Bubble Wrapped but still continues work on the TV show Primeval playing the role of Abby Maitland.

Check out some of S Club 7’s videos below to relive those good old glory days.

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    Can’t help but notice how all the women’s photos, excepts Jo’s, are full-body poses, laying down, and very sexual. Why do the guys only have headshots? I’m sure I know the answer, lol.

  • TOTALLY was watching their show on youtube a couple of months ago, I love them. Next to the Spice Girls, I think they were my favourite “pop group” of the 90’s/00’s (…maybe tied with Aqua)!

  • OH EM GEE! What happened to Paul!? He use to be so fit! Oh that’s sad 🙁


    Are the (S Club7) band mates, still good friends?
    Even to this day & year, and to add I meen all of them even Tina Barrett, the one who’s trying out her solo music atempte.

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    Paul é um idiota o grupo terminou um ano depois que ele saiu, se ele não tivesse saido talvez o grupo duraria uns anos mais, amava S club 7 desde os seriados.
    Sou brasileira fã, mas a culpa foi dele… depois de ter se arrependido volta pra fazer S club 3? afff a culpa é dele!

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    Rachel Diva I love You from brazil!
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