The S Club 7 Reunion A Bust

Late last year, there were rumblings that all the members of S Club 7 were on board for a greatest hits album and possible reunion. Rumors also surfaced that a potential television show was in the works. Judging by their performance on an Australian daytime talk show today, a full-fledged reunion fell through.

Jo O’Meara, Paul Cattermole and Bradley Mcintosh decided to not let a full reunion stop them from embarking on a world tour with just the three of them. I guess they needed the cash the most and had nothing else to do. Interestingly enough, before talks of a S Club 7 reunion surfaced, the trio toured as S Club 3. Based on their appearance on Aussie’s “The Morning Show”, the three should’ve waited for the other four members to come on board. Because it was no bueno.

Vocally, the three sounded fine, but their performance lacked energy and felt a bit depressing. Considering that they sing bubbly pop, depressing is the last thing you want to come off as. Sure, the three look a bit older and out of shape (thanks Father Time), but it just felt like their hearts weren’t in it. Jo especially looked like she’s had a rough few years since the group disbanded. Check out their performance and see if they still have the S Club magic. Be sure to watch til the end to hear their explanation on where the other four members are.

S Club 7 “Reach” Live Performance

Thoughts? Would you buy a ticket to see these three members sing S Club 7’s hits? Who was your favorite member of the group. Sound off below.

  • Oh man. That was painful! And wow Jo has had WAY to much work done!

  • Sean

    Um, how embarrassing. It’s either all or nothing. Let’s not forget what happened to the Spice Girls after Geri left.

    I will, however, always cherish my S Club 7 albums. 🙂

    And S Club 8….

  • DouggSeven

    Paul looks pretty good – there were a few years there where he was a mess, but he’s lost some weight and cleaned up his facial hair and cut off his hair. Looks kinda cute still.

  • LuisZolanski

    ok they sooo shud have waited for the rest of them! this is a fail im saddened!!! lol

  • JC

    Oh dear .. musically sound fine for singing live, but they look horrific. Jo seems to have morphed into Joan River and the boys .. one to many burgers. They could have at least got in shape.